AMAZAX je nová lifestylová společnost.

Obchodní značka AMAZAX včetně jejího grafické zpracování je ochrannou známkou společnosti AMAZAX Corp.

    Značka AMAZAX vyzařuje skrytou zprávu:

    "MAXimize our AMAZing Lives!"

    Tedy maximalizujte naše úžasné životy!

Firemní identita

Firemní identita AMAZAX vyjadřuje jednoznačný a nezaměnitelný styl nové lifestylové společnosti.


Logotype AMAZAX itself has arisen from combination of two words: AMAZing and MAXimum. The hidden message of this conjunction says: MAXimize our AMAZing Lives. Thus all products and services should be in unison with well-being and fulfilled life.


As we imagine human being; BODY is physical appearance of human kind. MIND creates psychical part of our bodies and at the same time it is a bridge between physical and spiritual world. SPIRIT presents a part of us which we do not see but we believe, it is within us.

Likewise AMAZAX’s monogram depicts BODY as outer part of its shape, MIND as part which is under the body. And these two ingredients are oriented in the way to create third shape implicitly, which we do not see but we believe it is here, as our SPIRIT is here too.

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